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Knight Security Services


Ten questions to put you on the right path to ensuring your safety and happiness with Knight Security.

How long has Knight Security been in business?

Knight Security, a family-owned and operated company, celebrates more than 50 years in business in San Diego.

What brand of equipment does Knight Security use?

Knight Security uses industry leading security and fire detection products by Honeywell and innovative video systems by Samsung. With top quality, user-friendly equipment, Knight Security can customize systems based on every Customer's needs.

How often do you check your system?

Knight Security ensures that the technology is in working condition at all times. Our systems perform regularly scheduled test to our Central Station.

What level of detection do you normally recommend?

Knight Security recommends installing sensors on all doors and windows that can be opened and are accessible. With interior motion detectors to supplement and the addition of Central Station Fire Detection, Customers can rely on a comprehensive security and safety system.

Are you licensed?

Knight Security maintains California State Licenses for Security, Fire and Patrol Services: C-7, 10, 61-306628 and PPO-11254

Do you have to sign a contract? How long is it?

Yes and many companies work on a contractual basis to protect the Customer's rights as well as the service provider's. Unlike most companies, Knight Security offers customers month-to-month service solutions with no long term contracts. Agreements can be cancelled at any time with a written thirty (30) day notice.

What is the overall cost?

Costs will vary based on size of home and number of devices required. The average Knight Security system costs between $650 and $1,100. Visit our Residential and Commercial pages for more details and contact a consultant for your personalized estimate.

Can my system qualify for a home insurance discount?

Most insurance companies provide a discount for all monitored security and fire systems. Knight Security encourages all Customers to contact their insurance provider directly for details.

Can I have pets in the house and still have security? 

Yes, Knight Security will design your system so that pets can move freely around the home without setting it off.

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