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Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance


Once your home has a security system, cameras can be a great tool in recording a possible intruder or simply providing an accurate history of what may have occurred. 

  • Wi-Fi cameras are the most requested solution because they require only power and can easily be added to the inside or outside of your home. These cameras connect through your home security to your smart phone, giving you remote access to your cameras, as long as you have service. 

  • For homes requiring more advanced video surveillance products, IP cameras are also available. Call today to schedule an at-home, in-person consultation for your custom designed solution and personalized estimate.


Cameras in the workplace provide many benefits including:

  • Employee safety

  • A record of events for workman’s compensation claim(s)

  • Surveillance of inventory, property, and shipping and receiving areas

  • Video documentation of authorized and unauthorized guests entering and exiting the premises, during on and off hours

Knight Security installs innovative Samsung video products that provide the highest quality for reliability and durability. All activity is recorded on a hard drive which can record up to a month’s footage. Basic, 4-camera systems start at $2,800. Call today to schedule an on-site quote based on the size of your system requirements.

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